Ue Coffee Roasters

Based in rural Oxfordshire, Ue is the UK’s only wood powered coffee roaster, lovingly roasting small 15kg batches by hand.

All our practices adopt traditional artisanal processes by hand and our unique roasting process makes us one of the most environmental and sustainable coffee roasters in the UK.

The wood used to roast our coffee is sourced from within a 5 mile radius of the roastery, and comes from sustainable wood sources. It normally takes 2 logs to roast a 15kg batch.

We also operate our own plant back initiative whereby we sponsor the planting of 2 new trees back into local Oxfordshire woodlands for every 1 tree used as a source of energy.

Ue source 100% of our coffee beans exclusively from ethical and sustainable micro lot cooperatives from around the world and 60% of our current offering carry's the Rainforest Alliance Certification.

Wood roasting results in a sustainably produced coffee that is sweet, smooth and full bodied.

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