Our Story

Our mission is to bring unique artisan producers to the best independent retailers of Great Britain.

As consumers, coffee lovers and foodies, we were frustrated with the mass marketed products available to us through our local delis, farm and coffee shops,

Though marketed as artisan, their products lacked an edge, and all of the specialist outlets we visited stocked the same as their competitors, and most of the produce was available, at a lower cost, in supermarkets.

Initially as a husband and wife team, we created Pinks to source new products for them that would be new and exciting to their customers. Products based on a great story, that taste fantastic, and that are not on the shelves of their local supermarket.

We only invest in sourcing the best artisan partners, and aspire to become the partner of choice for up and coming small independent producers that do not want to dilute their own brand and story through the many large distributors in the market.

Our artisans products are supplied to leading Hotels, Deli’s, Farm and coffee shops and to Michelin starred and celebrity chefs who have chosen them because of the superior quality, story, traceability and an excellent working relationship.

Our company is family operated, with strict values governing what we sell, who we sell it to, and how we support both our clients and our artisans.

Because we created Pinks initially as a way for us to access the products we wanted to buy, customer experience is always at the heart of what we do.