Our Philosophy

  • We only work with small genuine artisans.
  • We insist on being trained by our artisans so we can talk genuinely about them, their style, story, products and the ingredients they use.
  • We have to be able to fully trace the origin of the product and witness production, something we do regularly with all our artisans
  • We don’t offer any products to you that you or your customers can buy easily anywhere else. If our artisans grow well through us, and want to expand further into mainstream retail, we manage and support their migration into the world of big retail, and support their growth from a sister division of our business, and notify our clients that you can still purchase the product, but it will soon be available through mainstream retail, and we focus on promoting the next up and comer!
  • We are careful and committed to not supplying to a concentrated area, and manage who we can supply to closely, ensuring the products you purchase remain unique to you and sought after in your area.

Our behaviors

We are driven by:

  • Passion, Ethics, Integrity & Service
  • The way we act is the cornerstone of our culture, and we are driven to deliver only the best, ethically sourced products, delivered with knowledge and passion for what we do, partnered with the best service in the industry.