Our Approach

Pinks 4 'T's of excellent customer engagement


We believe that in order to sell a product and build up loyalty with your customers, you need to know about it's origin, its story, the people that make it, and why its different.

Thats why at Pinks we provide as much training and support as you can fit in.

This includes product quick reference sheets, in store POS, and most importantly, we will bring the producers to meet you and your customers, and when your time allows, we will take you to our producers.


We encourage, and really insist you taste our products before you stock them, so you can describe the taste to your customers. Pinks has, and always will, give you free samples to to offer tastings to your customers.

We provide tea and coffee cupping evenings and weekends, and product tastings where you and your customers can taste and learn more about our coffee, at your premises, and we even help to market the event!


We understand that we supply some more funky and radical products than you may be used to.

We often offer sale or return on new ranges of products that will provide a no risk option to you, providing you agree to host in store tastings and commit to basic marketing to your customers.


We want to hear from you and your customers, we need to know what you like, don't like, and cant get enough of.

Contact us for an chat, we love getting out to meet people, and we always have a taste and marketing pack with us for you to try all of our products and see how our ranges look and fit into your environment.